[Photo archive] Positive processing for negative B&W film

At night on Dec. 27, as soon as I got back to university, I couldn't wait to develop this roll of Shanghai-brand GP3 ISO100 B&W negative film, which includes the photos taken in the Jiangsu Provincial Robot Competition and the trip in Beijing after the competition and places in Suzhou. D67 developer was used. Considering the developer was old, the developing time was determined as 9 min and 30 seconds at a temperature of 20℃.

The positive processing means that the films can be directly viewed or projected after the processing. It is also called reversal processing. The pipeline is much more complex than the negative processing. There are six main steps to do this: First Development, Bleaching, Clearing, Second Exposure, Second Development, and Fixing. The step of bleaching needs toxic liquid required: potassium dichromate, so hand and body protection is necessary. The whole process lasts about 1 hour.

Here are the scanned archives of the whole role of film. Shoot from 2019/12/13 to 2019/12/26.

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