Music Visualizer – Piano

Did you want to decompose different tones from a piece of music waveform? Visualize music and tones in a 3D scene? My Music Visualizer did this.

As a coursework of Computer Graphics, this project decomposes the waveform into spectrum and tones, and provides a 3D effect of piano using OpenGL to visualize the tones. The interaction allows you to play a music by press the piano keys.
[Project homepage (download, help, code…)]

4G Probe for Construction Sites

Developed an edge IoT embedded device based on STM32 which has LTE, Ethernet and 220V Electricity Testing modules. The devices are used in construction sites.

The device monitors the ethernet devices in subnet and Internet by pinging them and measuring delays; It also monitors 220V electricity status and records error (e.g., no grounding).

The device reports the real-time status and detected error to the server using 4G Network with our customized protocol via TCP. Information from all devices is available on webpage.

The embedded software I developed is stable enough and works on hundreds of devices.

3D Pose Estimation for Vehicles

This work aims to detect the 3D vertices of the verhicles in a 2D image for autonomous cars.

The neural network model generates 4 key-points and 2 key-edges from vertices and edges of vehicles as ground truth. The brightness of each generated heatmap is normal distribution. The model is combined with Resnet-50 for feature generation and three transpose-convolution layers for generation of heatmaps.

Underwater networked alarm device for preventing illegal fishing

Suzhou is the water town of China. Some people use inverters in rivers and lakes to generate high voltage electric pulses to electric shock the fish. This can be ecologically harmful, but is difficult to regulate.

Our device tries to detect such a violations under water. If the electric energy in the water is over a threshold, the device tries to send alarm message to the web server. Regulators can take further action based on this.

Desktop ornament and wearable controller for remote meeting / invigilation

This project aims to provide interactable camera by the wearable controller for remote meeting or invigilation. The camera is mounted on a 2-axis gimbal. The wearable controller sends its eular angles and the camera turns to the same angles.

This is our group coursework for a university module.

[Watch introduction video]

An educational robot programmed by paper and pencil

I have a dream to bring STEM education to the children and youth in the remote areas. A computer may be very high cost for them. This concept project is a programmable robot for children. They can write the program on real paper in a specific format. Just like the computer engineering in the early stage used perforated paper tape for programming. My robot will then scan the paper and execute the program on it.