Education, Robotics

STEM Education Robot using Pencil and Paper

My idea is to design a robot or electronic-based educational kit that can be programmed with paper and pen: we have a pre-defined paper tape, and multiple combinable mechanisms/modules such as sensors, motors, etc. that allow for a myriad of combinations. Users can write their programs by blacking out/writing numbers on the paper tape as prompted, without the need for a computer and phone to program. The controller scans the programmed paper tape line by line, executes the corresponding program, and provides timely feedback on the results of the program run.

Audio, Deep Learning, Embedded Systems

Deep Learning in Edge – Convolutional Neural Network for Sound Classification on ESP32

Audio Scene Classification (ASC) is one of the basic tasks in the computer acoustics field. It is expected to classify a piece of acquired sound into the correct environment labels, such as dog bark, raining. This project deployed ASC on the embedded platform ESP32, which benefits our daily life and runs at low power consumption. This post will intruduce the process for this project, including audio acquisition, feature extrachtion, neural network and deployment.


My collection of old bus, train and subway tickets

In China, people who travel on official business usually keep all kinds of tickets for transportation and accommodation and stick them neatly in the unit’s account book for reimbursement by the finance staff after they return. These tickets come from the stacks of account books in the last century, soak the glue on top of the tickets with hot water, remove the tickets gently, wash and flatten them to dry, and we get these memories that have been forgotten by the times ……