I am Jingyi Wang, currently a fourth year student in Xi’an Jiaotong-Liverpool University in Suzhou, China. My major is Digital Media and Technology. It sounds like an art degree, but actually it’s engineering. I study computer, electronic, AI and media in my major.

I always stay hungry to learn, research and explore the knowledge and technology. Currently my research interests include brain-inspired algorithm and hardware, neuromorphic computing systems, robotics, embedded systems and deep learning. You may learn more on Research page. Some of my past projects are in Project page. I hope my research and skills make a beneficial impact on the world.

I have some non-academic interests, such as film photography and travel. I am also interested in the topics of politic and culture recently. You may find some interest posts in the Blog list.

The name of the website, Mr. Digital, is because some friends use to call me by this name in Chinese. “Mr” means the teacher, since I usually explain the knowledges and answer questions to them. “Digital” is the first word of my major name.

I am looking forward to hearing anything from you.

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